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Bocas bust

Difficulty 7/10

Stop a major shipment and
cripple their operation!

2 - 4 people

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The year is 1983 in Bocas del Toro. The Narcos have recently started turning Bocas into a strategic hub for drug trafficking, strongly affecting everyones life on the islands.
You  are federal agents and have made it your mission to stop the Narcos from using Bocas as a hub to ship drugs to the rest of the world.

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Your mission is to find out who killed your CI and cripple the drug trafficking operation. You will need to figure out the next trafficking route and try to find all the money and drugs that they have stored. Do you have the necessary skills to stop the next big shipment? Can you keep your nerve to find all the necessary information before the Narcos return?

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You've been working with a confidential informant (CI) to infiltrate the tight knit group of Narcos. She works at one of the bars that they like to visit. She didn't show up to your weekly meeting and yesterday a corpse matching her description was found in the mangroves. You are suspicious about what might have happened in the bar where she works.

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