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The Thieves' Takedown
Bocas Bust Kids Version

Difficulty 5/10

Catch the thieves and safe the day!

2 - 5 people

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The year is 1983 in Bocas del Toro. The thieves stroke again and have stolen a whole container load full of chocolate from a local farmer. You and your team of skilled police officers are here to set things right and finally put the thieves in prison for good.

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Your mission is to find out who the thieves are and where all the stolen chocolate is. Do you have the necessary skills to stop their big shipment? Can you keep your nerve to find all the necessary information before the ship departs?

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You have arrived at the last spot someone had seen the alleged thieves, Bar Equis. Here a local farmer overheard two people talk about trying to ship a container full of stolen goods. These people hang out there a lot and maybe they left behind some clues...

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