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THe Lost lab

Difficulty 7/10

Race against time to rediscover a lost weapon against climate change!

2 - 6 people


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2054, Bocas del Toro
Climate change has taken a toll on the world. Extreme weather patterns have formed and most governments have diverted their money towards finding earth-like planets to move the population to. In your grandmother's attic you find old documents of her mom from the 80s about the importance of marine life for carbon fixation.

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Your mission is to trace her thought process and with that try to find the ultimate solution to fight climate change that she claimed once that she had found. Can you uncover the long forgotten research in time before the island floods? 

You have flown to your great-grandmother's make shift lab in Panama to try to find more information about her research. You find her lab overgrown and chaotic but everything seems like she just died one day and no one ever bothered to clean up.

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